Do you belong in the Matereal World?

If you…

  • seek actionable insights about industrial healing

  • realize the mainstream sustainability agenda isn’t fit for purpose

  • want to (really) “be the change” and are wondering, But how?

  • are looking for the courage and inspiration to go there, now

… you’ll find refuge, support, and good company here in the Matereal World.

Matereality: where industry meets reality

I created the concept of Matereality in early 2022 as a reaction to the structural failures of “Sustainability Inc” and as a direct reframe of the mainstream ESG practice of assessing “materiality”. I saw these approaches were costing a lot of money, keeping a lot of people busy, and at best distracting corporate decision-makers from what needs doing, at worst burying important truths about companies and industries.

The name Matereality is an infusion of reality into ESG with a nod to our collective Mater.

During 2022 and early 2023, I conducted a series of Matereality assessments (available for free here) and shared the findings as widely as I could.

Through feedback gathered from several workshops, readers of my Medium pieces on Matereality, and more, I decided to bundle this work into something more concise and useful for those seeking to make change, now.

If I get this right, any of the posts in the Matereal World will offer you actionable insights on the path to industrial healing. If I miss the mark, I hope you will let me know where I’m falling short and what would help you better.

Why Substack?

I chose this platform for Matereal World because it is advertising-free, a critical element of information sharing with integrity.

I will continue to share my work—especially my #WorkingOutLoud, weekly accountability Shorts, and distance running adventures, and more—on Medium. I will also continue to host my website——as a hub for all my work.

Here on Substack, I’ll stay bounded by and focused on the realities of the Matereal World.

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An incisive look at an economy that works in service of life through the lens of corporate disclosure. Occasionally speaking the unspeakable, never for the faint of heart, yet always in pursuit of industrial healing – this is the Matereal World.



My vision  is an economy that works in service of life . After 20 years consulting in corporate sustainability strategy and ESG, I noticed I was making things worse. I stepped out to inquire how to be of better service. This is me doing that now.